Public Service Announcement: The New School Bully is Back

Public Service Announcement: The New School Bully is Back

Ambitiouz Entertainment’s new school bully, Kid Tini releases a fire statement track to let people know that he is back, and he is here to claim his rightful place. 2020 is the Year Tini shows up and shows us that he is here for everything and is not holding back. He releases Bazolimala featuring songstress LaSauce, who adds sassiness and fierceness to this upbeat joint. 

With this track, the award-winning rapper rightfully demands the respects he deserves in the Hip Hop game. Bazolimala is among the three singles that Kid Tini has released ahead of his album, The Second Coming expected to drop soon. 

Kid Tini and LaSauce have proclaimed that they absolutely loved working together on this track and have been looking at new projects that they could collaborate on.  

“Working with LaSauce is a pleasure, I think we have built a solid work chemistry creatively. It is great to have her because she brings in that female edge that compliments the tempo and the message of the song. She is dominant and cool; her input is always welcome even in songs that are not for the two of us,” says Kid Tini.

LaSauce was just hanging out at the studio when Kid Tini asked her to jump on the song, and she went in hard.  

“Working with Kid Tini on this song was great, I got to tap into my creative, side and be the cool ghetto girl through the music,” says LaSauce.  

The wordsmith has been on the best vibes since this year began as he is preparing to the release of his much-anticipated album. Two weeks ago, Kid Tini released a Gospel Hip Hop track titled Amen, featuring Sbahle, who is signed under Umuthi Records. In May 2020, he released Buss A Move and its video which is currently sitting on over 40 thousand views. All three singles show off Kid Tini’s lyrical skills and give fans something to look forward to in the upcoming album, filled with an array of sounds, coupled with amazing lyricism and exciting features.  2020 is certainly proving to be Kid Tini’s year of splendor. 

Bazolimala is available on these platforms:



Artist Details

Name: Phiwe Unami Tini

Stage Name: Kid Tini

Age: 23

Hometown: Butterworth, Eastern Cape

Social Media:

For any PR and interview enquiries please contact:

Artist Booking enquiries: 




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