Four easy tips to help you stay in the events business

Four easy tips to help you stay in the events business

Having been in the events industry for over a decade with 19 successful events, Katlego Malatji, co-founder of HomeComing Events shares a few tips with us:

  1. Remaining relevant-
    People think it is not a challenge, but it is something that you must deal with. You must pre-empt it always, you do not have to wait until you get cold, you must stay hot always. Even though you may have internship programmes and partner with other companies, staying relevant is a huge challenge.
  2. Breaking into a niche field-
    We are very strong on the corporate marketing side and that is one of our strong pursuits, but it is a niche wide space. Breaking those barriers is quite a huge challenge.
  3. Access-
    You must work ten times harder to get your foot in the door. Though filled with a lot of opportunities, the events business is competitive, therefore hard work is what get you through the door. And once you are inside you have to make sure that you work even harder because as they say.
  4. Being responsible for actions of people-
    If something happens at your event, it is on you, it is on the brand. It is a challenge to control the space and making sure everyone is safe.


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