Conducting Surveys for your event

Conducting Surveys for your event

You do want to keep your customers, right? … so, we thought we should share with you the importance of conducting a survey for your event, to gather honest thoughts, opinions and feelings from your clients and event attendees.

The business is yours, but it is for the people, it is advisable that you do not rely too much on your own gut feeling to make decisions in your business. Get unbiased opinions from clients and attendees of your events through conducting a survey. Be accurate in your survey questions so that you can get accurate and satisfying answers. This will help you know what your attendees prefer or if they are satisfied with your services. Never take their insight for granted and that is how you will get to improve your business.

There are wrong and right ways of asking survey questions- the wrong one can bore your attendees and affect the goal you have has shared ways to ask event survey questions:

  1. Asking leading questions-
    You do not want to come across as pushy or telling your attendees how to rate your services. Do not put words in their mouth, ask a question and give them a room to answer in an honest way.
  2. Asking loaded questions-
    Ask questions that will make answering easy for your attendees. They do not have to find it difficult to answer or think long and hard about an answer.
  3. Asking double-barrelled questions-
    As much as you might try to keep your survey questions short and quick. Do not make the mistake of combining two questions into one.
  4. Asking absolutes in questions-
    When you force respondents to reply that they “always” or “never” do something, you risk inaccurate answers.
  5. Using jargons-
    People find it hard to answer questions that use a language or terms they do not understand. They are most likely to leave the question hanging. Use a simple and plain language that everyone will understand.
  6. Asking personal questions-
    People are overprotective of their personal information and giving it to a total stranger may feel out of place and threatening. Be careful in the way you ask for personal details. Multiple choice questions always work best. Remember to give them an option to answer what they want…you can include “Other” in your list of answers.

    At the end compare the results of the feedback and make your decision based on the honest and unbiased answers. Discuss with your team and come up with solutions that will help improve your business and make the attendees to keep on attending.

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