Kid Tini saves Sbahle from being Kidnapped

Kid Tini saves Sbahle from being Kidnapped

Kid Tini is known for releasing music videos that tell compelling true stories that spark uncomfortable conversations. This time around, the rapper takes it upon himself to address matters such as organised and hidden crimes like human trafficking in his latest music video for his Gospel Hip-Hop song, Amen, featuring Sbahle. 

The music video that was released on Friday, 13 November 2020 narrates an emotional journey where a character played by Kid Tini looks back at all his wrong doings which continue to haunt him. Determined to right all his wrongs, he rescues two friends who were drugged and pimped to mafias by a “friend “in exchange for a few thousand Rands. 

Amen is taken from Kid Tini’s forth coming album, The Second Coming. In this sultry track, Kid Tini preaches of all the wrong doings and emotional wrecking deeds of this world and offers hope in his “sermon” delivered in a form of bars and great lyricism. Sbahle comes in with church keys that sooth the soul, they make a wonderful combination. This much-loved track was released a month ago and completely snatched people’s hearts. Amen is packed with tons of catchy rhythmic verses communicating a message of substance, which may resonate with many people and strike a chord amongst most. It is not a song that convicts one of his sins, but to give hope that, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Kid Tini hopes the video restores hope to many people.

“These visuals are dope and I enjoyed shooting and telling such a story because these are everyday life struggles. I hope the lyrics and the story will help people to pass through difficulties knowing that We will rise and we will conquer, even if it takes a toll and that’s on God,” says Kid Tini. 

As a woman who plays such an emotional character on the video, Sbahle had this to say:

“We live in times where it is scary to be a woman, you cannot even take a ride home without asking someone to track the trip and make sure you arrive home safe. You cannot go out and have fun with friends without a guy trying to take advantage of you. Women are being told that they asked for it because of what they decided to wear. It is really tiring, and I hope this video touches as many people as it can.”

An anti-human trafficking non-profit organisation, A21 has shared that human trafficking is the fastest-growing industry in the world 53% of the population being vulnerable to trafficking. The website states that some of the victims are promised false jobs, some tricked and sold by family and friends and abduction. The organisation further shares that: “South Africa is known as a source, transit, and destination country, with an estimated 155 000 people enslaved.” 

With such shocking stats and facts about human trafficking, we hope that Amen visuals serve a great purpose in helping raise awareness and curve the forever rising human trafficking statistics.

The video is available on YouTube:

Artist Details

Name: Phiwe Unami Tini

Stage Name: Kid Tini

Age: 22

Hometown: Butterworth, Eastern Cape

Social Media:  @kidtini

For any PR and interview enquiries please contact:

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