Kid Tini deals with trolls lyrically and he is winning

Kid Tini deals with trolls lyrically and he is winning

Johannesburg- Inja ivukile for real and heat is felt all over with no break to catch a breath.  After letting it be known that those who try to mess with him Bazolimala, Kid Tini comes back with another warning anthem, this time titled Delela. In this fire joint, the New School Bully features one of the hottest MCs, Kwesta DaKAR. 

Delela translates to disrespect in English, thus with this joint Tini addresses and reprimands the haters AGAIN after doing so a week ago with his single, Bazolimala featuring stablemate, LaSauce. As per usual, Kid Tini’s Delela debuted number one on iTune’s Hip top charts and number two across all genres. 

The track is easily relatable, simple, and catchy enough to get stuck in one’s head. What makes it more unique than the tracks he has already released is the fact that it has more vernacular, Tini is encompassing all his fans in his latest releases.

Delela is a fourth single and the third one in three weeks to come out of Tini’s upcoming debut album, The Second Coming expected to drop soon. This track comes after Buss A move, Amen and Bazolimala.Fans are already confused about which visuals to beg for as they wait impatiently for the album. The Second Coming is surely coming with lots of bar for bar tracks, music for the soul and a young scolding here and there.

Kid Tini hopes the song will be received positively. 

“We spent a whole lot of time on this record, my only hope is that it resonates with my people because that’s who I had in mind while I was putting it together.” 

The two MCs respect each other a lot and enjoyed joining forces. 

“Very excited to have Kwesta on the verse because I’ve always had so much respect for him as an artist and as a person in general. Whenever we would cross paths, he is always shown love and dropped a few gems on me. He is one of my favorite OGs,” says Kid Tini.

“Working with Kid Tini was dope. I have always been a fan of how Tini raps so when I got the call for a verse, there was not a lot to think about really,” Kwesta adds.

It is evident that with tracks like Delela spitting so much heavy bards, fans have got a lot to look forward to on the upcoming album. The single is available on all digital platforms. 




Artist Details

Name: Phiwe Unami Tini

Stage Name: Kid Tini

Age: 23

Hometown: Butterworth, Eastern Cape

Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Apple

For any PR and interview enquiries please contact:

Artist Booking enquiries: 

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