People are not always who they say they are - Fakaloice

People are not always who they say they are - Fakaloice

Johannesburg- Hailing from the North Coast, Fakaloice, real name Phumlane Zondo is not here to play games but to make his presence felt. The Zunglish rapper finally attaches visuals to the song that introduced him to the fans and followers of Ambitiouz Entertainment, titled Angzazi. The storyline is intense, the acting is out of this world which is what draws attention to the provoking visuals and make the song even more relatable. 

Angzazi video touches subjects that most choose to ignore, such as lies, betrayal, fake friendships and disloyalty.  Goes to prove that many are virgins to unfaithfulness until they begin to give too much trust to their pastors, friends, and family.  The message Fakaloice aims to communicate through this video is that all are not friends that laugh with you and all are not saints that go to church, people pretend well, be careful. 

As someone who has hustled for a long time, this video is personal to him as he got to wear the pastor’s collar and he reminisced about his dad and how he saw his dad wearing it growing up. His dad was a priest – This outfit evoked fond memories of him growing up in the church.

“I do not feel like everyone who follows my journey loves me, though they will all say they are on my side,” says Fakaloice. 

“No matter what you do, make sure that you focus, do not include many people in your plans because not everyone wants to see you prosper. The video tells a touching story and I know people will understand and love it because it has a touching narrative.”

Angzazi music video is Fakaloice’s second music video since he came on to the Ambitiouz Entertainment Family. It follows Your Son music video released a month ago. Upon its release, Angzazi music video sparked important conversations, which saw it trending on YouTube and social media. 

The video is available on YouTube:   click here


Artist Details:

Artist Name: Phumlane Zondo

Stage name: Fakaloice

Age: 26

Hometown: Verulam, KZN

Artist social Handles: Twitter, Instagram  and Facebook

PR Queries:




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