Fakaloice is undoubtedly doing the most

Fakaloice is undoubtedly doing the most

Johannesburg- It is all about celebrations of victory in Phumlane “Fakaloice” Zondo’s Your Son music video, which was dropped on Friday 11 September 2020.This being his first music video published by Ambitiouz Entertainment, the 26-year-old who hails from Verulam, KZN celebrates how he was able to rise above all the challenges and odds he faced as a young person who did not have a glamorous life growing up. He narrates how challenging it was when he started his music career and that his faith kept him going. 

In Your Son, Fakaloice shares how he had to man up and take care of his family after his father’s passing when he was 18 years old and doing his matric. Losing a father at such a young age and very crucial time of his life did not tear him down but it gave him the strength to work harder and strive to have a better life. What is victory without addressing one or two haters, right? Fakaloice subtly gives those who thought he would not make it a piece of his mind. He hopes that through his story, many lives of young people with dreams will be changed. 

“I have always wanted to make music because I felt like people needed to hear my story so that they would be inspired. I wanted to give hope to people who were raised by single parents and those who grew up without both parents that no matter how hard it may be; your life will change,” said Fakaloice. 

The single was released a month ago as a partnership between Ambitiouz Entertainment and Rocka Empire. It has since touched people and changed lives. Your Son is a song every hustler can listen to during tough times. One would have expected a story telling music video based on the lyrics but Fakaloice gives an unimaginable yet beautiful video.

“I am happy about the video; I feel like a star. I would like to thank everyone who worked with me on this video release to be a success. When I started in the music industry, I never thought that I would release such a video, but with faith here I am.” 

Above everything else, Your Son music video proved just how much the North Coast is proud of Fakaloice. They took to social media to congratulate him on his achievements, with some sharing stories about his hustle.                                                                                                                           

The music video is available on YouTube




Artist Details:

Artist Name: Phumlane Zondo

Stage name: PA Fakaloice 

Age: 26 

Hometown: Verulam, KZN

Social Media: Twitter, Instagram  and Facebook

For any PR and interview enquiries please contact:

Pr: pr@ambitiouz.co.za

Bookings: bookings@ambitiouz.co.za


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