Kid Tini Is Suicidal

Kid Tini Is Suicidal
Johannesburg, 11th January 2019 – The famed rapper is found hanging from the ceiling of an abandoned building in the center of Hillbrow. After impregnating his teenage girlfriend and not able to deal with the emotional turmoil that comes with the realization of being a young father the famed rapper chooses to end his life. This is the gripping and shocking introduction to kid Tini’s latest music video

“Cinga”. The Story Line Of “Cinga”
Rejected, vulnerable, lost some of the things, the girlfriend had been drowning in since discovering she was pregnant. fearing never being able to come up for air because of societal judgment, ridicule and bringing shame to the family. In attempt to rewrite her fate she opted for a backstreet, illegal abortion. Social Challenges Highlighted
The common challenge faced by South African youth is teenage pregnancy. In the story narrated, Kid Tini highlights the unfortunate outcomes of teen sex such as illegal abortions and teenage suicide which are hardly talked about amongst his age group as they are deemed uncool by his peers or taboo by the elders. He found a need to narrate a story that touches on the neglected health aspect either physical or mental of such choices by the youth and hoping to raise awareness within the society and hopefully alleviate this epidemic.

Studies found the following :
  • 97 000 registered births were from young women aged between 15-19 as stated in the Recorded Live Births report of 2017 commissioned by Stats SA,
  • The highest risk age group for suicide is between 10-19 with 38.3% percent of teens feeling hopeless to seek help or counseling,
  • 31.5% of Teens have attempted suicide and Depression is a strong predictor for suicide attempt in adolescents as contained in studies by South African Anxiety and Depression Group (SADAG).

  • Asked why he chose such an unorthodox approach with his latest music video, the Eastern Cape born rapper explained..“artists my age raps about fun times and parties but no one writes about the consequences of such, My generation deals with a lot but is afraid to talk about abortions and depression and i want to start that conversation.” View the #Cinga Music Video Here:

    Artist Details
    Name: Phiwe Tini
    Stage Name: Kid Tini
    Age: 21
    Home Town: Butterworths – Eastern Cape
    Social Media: Twitter and Instagram Facebook Apple
    For any PR and interview enquiries
    please contact:
    Artist Booking enquiries:
    087 985 0309 /

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