Decade and still going strong

Decade and still going strong

It has been a decade since our very own award-winning female Dj, Prudence "Miss Pru" Sebalo has joined the entertainment industry. Below is a Q&A we had with her as she celebrates the milestone.

When you started in the industry, what did you have in mind, what were your dreams and goals?

I wanted to be a radio DJ, travel the world through music and I did all that

Ten years later, you are still here, how does that feel like?

I’ve definitely grown since I’ve started and the goals I had back then have definitely changed. I’m glad to have learned about the business side of the industry it’s helped me sustain myself.

Would you say you have accomplished the goals you set for yourself when you started? if so, which one do you consider to be the biggest?

I’ve accomplished the goals I’ve set for myself when I started, but now I have other goals I’ve added that I’m working on. One goal I’ve achieved that’s the biggest for me was being on radio, I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to doing it again.

How have you been able to stay relevant and consistent all these years?

I work till I can taste the blood. One thing I’ve always known is I’ve never been the smartest or the strongest in the room but I’ll out work anyone in that room.

What/ who would you say has kept you going and you kind of owe your success to?

I owe my success to a list of people; top of the list is Sihle Shabalala, my best friend, she’s been there through it all and every time I might have felt I’ve reached the end she constantly reminded me of where we started and how far we’ve come. She’s played a huge role in my life and career, I’m forever grateful our paths crossed.

Who would you say you were blessed to work with and who would you like to work with?

I’ve been blessed to work with Sjava, Emtee, Nadia Nakai, Blaq Diamond, Cici, Londie London and everyone I’ve had on the singles that I dropped. I’d love to work with an artist I just saw online called Dee Koala, she’s a breath of fresh air. I’d also love to work with Touchline, Yemilade, Proverb, Stogie T, damn I’ve got a long list but those are top of my list right now.

The industry is not for the faint hearted, how do you deal with negativity that sometimes goes on in the industry?

I’ve learned to just block out the noise. Keep it moving.

You are never involved in any controversial situations; how did you stay grounded and humble for the past ten years?

I’ve kept my personal life personal; I share mostly about my music which has worked for me. My family and friends have kept me grounded, they believe in me so much and their support is unmatched. I’m very appreciative of that.

You are one of the artists who are passionate about opening the industry, is that why you always feature a number of artists in your songs?

A: There’s so many talented people out there and I love working with people that have not been introduced into the industry yet, they’ve got something fresh and different to bring to the table.

How has working with Ambitiouz Entertainment been?

It’s been amazing, I’m so thankful to our boss for the opportunity to be a part of Ambitiouz. My career took off and everything is going well, I’m excited about my journey with them and looking forward to more ground-breaking moves. Checkmate :)

Where to from here, what can we expect from Miss Pru?

I’m constantly growing and learning a lot as I go along, expect good music and a project from me.

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