Lloyiso’s heart is aching

Lloyiso’s heart is aching

The multitalented 21yr old Loyiso Gijana known to his fans as Lloyiso, has put his heart out for all to see. The hitmaker of Intliziyo and Nonstikelelo has called all the Men out to start having the conversation regarding gender-based violence, that has engulfed the Nation.

Madoda Sabelani which translates to Men please stand up and act, it is a call to action for Men to hold each other accountable and report these unforgivable crimes happening against our Mothers, Sisters and Children. He is asking his fellow brothers, peers, and fathers to take accountability and acknowledge that there is a problem and it needs to be addressed with the strongest of force.

Lloyiso had this to say about the single: “This track was me putting my thoughts and feelings out there, the best way I know how, thru music. It has been taunting me for the longest of times that our sisters and siblings are erased for exercising their rights, they are not allowed to say NO and our chastised for their choices. I was not ready to celebrate Youth day when most of the Youth are still losing their lives daily and it seems we turn a blind eye. Let us make these everyday conversations, so we can constantly be uncomfortable enough to do something about this crippling, heart-breaking femicide that has taken over our Country. Nkosi silamulele.”

Madoda Sabelani climbed the charts very quickly as the fans had a preview a few days prior to its official release on the 19th June 2020. It sat in the #1 spot on iTunes on the day of its release and trended its way up to position 25 on the radio charts. We do hope this song will continue to trend and the conversations continue to curb the femicide that is crippling our Country.


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Lloyiso's heart is aching

The multitalented 21yr old Loyiso Gijana known to his fans as Lloyiso, has put his heart out for all to see.

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