Young people host events to eradicate crime in Soshanguve

Young people host events to eradicate crime in Soshanguve

Chilling with the creatives is an artistic movement founded by three young men based in Soshanguve, Pretoria, with the aim of cleaning up the streets of Pretoria and reduce prostitution plus the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

In 2016, Mackson Chirwa (25), Thato Sambo (24) and Lehlogonolo Chauke (25) hosted their first event with the aim of closing the gap between the social markets that take place in the CBD and the townships.

Ambitiouz Entertainment under the leadership of its founder and CEO, Kgosi Mahumapelo, houses 16 artists, Sjava, Emtee, Saudi, Blaq Diamond, LaSauce, Cici, Londie London, Lisa, Lloyiso, Kraizie, Sibu Nzuza, Kid Tini, Miss Pru, and S.VillaChirwa, who is the project director said their events give a platform to local upcoming musicians, fashion models and fine artists a chance to promote their talents and various businesses.

“These events are uniting the youth and keeping them off the streets, reducing illegal behaviors and giving them the opportunity to express their skills and improve their business skills,” he said.

Chirwa said their vision was to distribute the movement’s artistic activities on a national scale.

“We want to create marketing opportunities for township-based creatives. These marketing channels will be secured through hosting consistent events which serve as promotional and advertising platforms. Our vision is inspired by a deep desire to promote domestically produced art commodities, both tangible and intangible.”

They finance their events with the money they make from their respective jobs.“Unfortunately, we do not have suppliers or funds that can help us to host these events. But at least we work well with some of our community members who help us with some of the things needed to host the events.”
They host five events each year that attract more than 300 young creatives around Pretoria. All are promoted through word of mouth and social media.

As a small business, they are faced with a lot of challenges that include having the proper equipment and having people to trust them.

“The most challenging one is getting the audience to adapt to the kind of culture we’re introducing in the community. They have the wrong concept of the movement and that alone chases away the people we’re trying to attract. We offer a vibrant platform for creatives to express their arts, crafts and designs to a wide target market,” said Chirwa.

Since 2016 they have been able to create employment for ten young people between the ages of 20 and 25.
In 2017, the young men started a campaign called “Break the Silence” to give back to the community. They ask their event attendees to donate sanitary Pads and toiletries, then they donate the items to local government schools around their area

“The aim is to fight social and economic issues through art, so in the process of having fun and expressing ourselves we’re also giving back to the community.” Chirwa said safety was their number one priority when hosting events.

“We have event coordinators and bouncers who make sure that everyone is safe during the event. In case of emergency, we have a concern, form which everyone signs before entering the premises of our events,”

Resident, Tukelo Mofokeng said Chilling with the creatives events allow the youth to be who they are with any judgments. He added that the movement was growing as he had met people from Johannesburg in one of the events.

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