Finding the great team for your company

Finding the great team for your company

Every business is set to face a diversity of challenges, and most of the times, that is an opportunity for growth and major opportunities. You sure cannot avoid challenges, work on best solutions for them and make sure that they do not open room for more complications. lets us in on the challenges you are likely to face as an event organise

     Reduced event budgets
    It’s a reality that far too many event planners are familiar with. Event budget cuts take the cake when it comes to the biggest challenges, year after year.
     Rising costs during the planning of the event (
    Rising costs during the planning of the event can present a massive challenge, especially if you or your client neglected to include some cushion room in the budget.

    Unfortunately, costs are only going up, and while your client knows a friend who got x-venue at y-price last year, that doesn’t mean that y-price hasn’t tripled in the interim.

    A quote your client got a month ago may no longer be valid by the time you want to go ahead and book the vendor for them.

    Avoid estimating costs as far as possible
    Get quotes from vendors in writing
    Establish beforehand how long the quote is valid for
    Have a contingency or backup plan wherever or whenever possible
    Be honest with your client and your vendors from the get-go.
Prices will fluctuate; this is the reality of the market and the current economy. Plan according.
    Less money from sponsors
That moment when you’re banking on a certain dollar amount to come through after a previously successful sponsorship engagement, and it doesn’t. More events might mean more fluctuation when it comes to working with sponsors. Be prepared for some negotiation.
    Skills to keep up with technology
Keeping pace with the constantly changing world of technology is something event professionals certainly aren’t immune to. Luckily, many technologies available in the events industry offer sophisticated, timely onboarding classes so you never feel out of the loop.
    Downsizing rising travel
Travel costs can be a time (and wallet) suck. Making strategic decisions around annual travel can add massive wiggle room to a budget, and at the same time provide the education your team may need to get to the next level.
    Event security
Ironing out the best ways to execute an appropriate level of event security should be a top of mind aspect to any event. The challenge remains, what degree of security is needed on an event to event basis?
    Increased government regulation
Alas, the item on our list that is the farthest from our control. Event professionals nationwide can end-up at the mercy of governmental regulations that can either hinder or help the efficiency behind putting on a great event

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