How social media and technology help event businesses

How social media and technology help event businesses

The world is evolving, businesses have social media pages and a majority of events are promoted through social media more than word of mouth and interviews. If you are still side-lining social media, now is the time to consider joining. More than getting exposure for your events, you get an opportunity to grow relationships with your audience, connections, and clients.

Since technology and social media have arrived, event organisers now gather information from these platforms to create audience-specific events. What is interesting is that the audience can also give their input and planners can take these suggestions into consideration.

Since their inception, social networks have developed businesses. 20 years ago, event planners would invite attendees, but today, they invite participants. People who attend these events are no longer basic human beings that receive an invite and automatically end up going to the event, but people who will be able to get the business to the right audience. People who have the power to influence the masses.

They now have the freedom to pick and choose what events they would like to attend as there is no shortage of events; they can make special requests and if those aren’t able to be fulfilled, they can go elsewhere. Most events gain popularity from the reviews and comments they get on social media.

For some organizations and brands, the idea of a public platform that allows for 2-way communication between organization and customers was hard to comprehend. Companies that were service focused were the early winners on social media platforms.

Social media defies age barriers. So, no matter how young or old your target audience may be, chances are most of them are already logging on and waiting for you to get started.

Social media is really popular, businesses have been able to touch and get through almost every consumer. Always keep in mind that compared to traditional advertising, it costs less to market your events on social media!

Did you know?

Facebook is a jumping-off point for small businesses marketing as it has over 1.49 billion daily active users

47% of Facebook users only access the platform through mobile

83% of parents on Facebook are friends with their children

Facebook adds 500,000 new users every day; 6 new profiles every second

Twitter started in 2006 and has 330m monthly active users

A total of 1.3 billion accounts have been created.

44% of those created accounts made an account and left before ever sending a Tweet

Only 550 million people have ever sent a Tweet

80% of active users access the site via mobile


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