Events risk management tips

Safety and Security tips given by Katlego Malatji and Jotham “Vetkuk” Mbuyisi.
Your security plan depends on where the event will be, at what time and how many people are you expecting. Unforeseen circumstances may take place and put your attendees’ lives in danger, therefore you need to prepare for them way before the event happens.

It is advisable that you go to the nearest police station and fill up a form that will help grade your event.

Low risk- 500 to 1500 attendees

Medium risk- 1500 to 3000 people

High risk- 3000 upwards

You may need a certificate of high risk, graded by the police station and JOC which includes the SAPS, fire fighters and an Ambulance.

“Events die because of lack of security. It does not help having people come to your event and then not enjoy the experience. In all our events we always double up on security and safety. Consumer experience must be the biggest thing. It is only about the music but your experience too, knowing that if something happens to you there is someone to help you,” said Malatji.

Do not try to save money by cutting down on security. Keep that standard high so that the consumers enjoy themselves.

“We did not invest a lot in our security system when we started out because we were new in this events industry. Our second event was better because we could have at least ten security guards,” said Vetkuk.

Remember to:

  • You must have a security plan
  • Ensure the people who are coming to your event
  • Pay your liability insurance
  • Remember that at the end of the day it is more than about you making money, but to give the best experience to your attendees and have them attending your next event.

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