Building an event portfolio

Building an event portfolio

An event portfolio is typically found online and represents your work of an individual or your events company. Inside an event portfolio, you’ll find things that prove how successful you are at event planning. From event photos to testimonials, an event portfolio is all about showing off your event planning capabilities. A portfolio demonstrates skills and builds trust in the viewer. Overall, it’s a powerful tool for obtaining new business.

One of the best ways to market your event is having an event portfolio, it is important in terms of letting your target audience know about you and your event. Your portfolio shows the world who you are, what you do and how talented you are.

Creating a portfolio for a new company can be overwhelming, here is how you can create one:

What does it look like?

A well-designed events portfolio shows who you are and explains what you do. It builds trust in your target audience. It is well branded and features your past event planning experience, education and awards. If your events portfolio includes these items, there are no strict rules on how you present them. But, like any good website, your portfolio should be easy to read and navigate.

Remember that seeing is believing. So, in addition to sharing your event photos also feature event videos on your event planning portfolio site. And in case it wasn’t obvious from your impressive event examples, also spell out why your target market should consider working with you using a bulleted list that highlights your unique selling points without any extra fluff.

Your portfolio should at least have the following :

    1. Logo, brand colours, and tagline
      Like all your other marketing materials, your event planning portfolio should be in alignment with your company’s usual look and feel. Most event planning portfolios will include a logo in the website header and weave in 2-3 primary brand colours throughout each page.
      Client Testimonials
      If you have impressed your previous clients, getting a testimonial cannot be a hustle. You can just ask people you’ve planned events for to share a few nice words. You can even get their permission to share the quote alongside their own name and event details. But don’t just limit yourself to clients – if your resume is a bit thin, consider asking past mentors, college professors, or anyone you’ve done volunteer work with to vouch for other important event planning skills like work ethic, creativity, etc.
      Media Mentions
      Whether you have PR help or you’re just getting some rave reviews on blogs, make sure you display these credibility indicators loud and proud. Share links of the sites if possible. If there are newspapers that you have been featured on, you can simply add PDF versions of those articles in your portfolio. You’ll definitely earn a gold star for including them in your event planning portfolio.
      Social Media Links
      f you got them, make sure they’re displayed on your portfolio site. Or, if you’re doing a hard copy portfolio, add your handles to the last page alongside your contact info. And do a sweep of all your accounts to make sure the posts and photos still align with your brand, your new portfolio too.
      Awards and Certifications
      Place these towards the top of your homepage and make sure they get more detailed descriptions or another prominent placement elsewhere on the site where you can explain why you won the award or just what it’s all about.

      This information is pretty much a great foundation for your event planning portfolio.

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