Having a lawyer is not very much essential at the beginning of the business but consulting one will protect you from unseen legal complications. Familiarise yourself with what constitutes a legal contract in order to avoid future liabilities.

Legalities that a promoter must fulfil before hosting an event

Kealeboga Keetile, legal adviser at Ambitiouz Entertainment says there are a few things that a promoter needs to make sure of before the event, that includes:

  • To ensure that all necessary permits, which includes a liquor licence if alcohol will be sold, police permit to host the event as well as a security permit to have security on site during the event and insurances (public liability insurance) to cover any injury or damage caused at or by your event
  • The Promoter is required to sign a SAMRO live performance form to ensure that the artist gets paid royalties for the live performance.

    Organising an event comes with a lot of Dos and Don’ts, for instance, you cannot decide to have an open-air concert without asking for permission from the municipal offices. You must make a request and be granted permission. Amongst other things you need to fill out and submit the Event JOC application form.

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