Talking greedness with katlego Malatji

Talking greedness with katlego Malatji

As the saying goes “Those who have gone before are the ones to show the path.” We could not think of a better person to give us advice regarding the entertainment industry on the events side thank HomeComing Events founder, Katlego Malatji.In an interesting interview with him, we were able to source out the following from him:

Knowing how to manage funds is extremely important.
When HomeComing events hosted their first big event, Malatji and his partner, Neo Moila went crazy, they did not know what to do with the money.
Malatji said: “If you do not manage your funds very well, you could lose everything. We got to the point where we did not manage our funds well, we were in heavy debt, but we had to learn and re-apply ourselves.”


  • Do not focus on having big numbers when you start your business
  • Borrow money from friends and family and be able to pay it back
  • Before taking risks with money, think them through because mistakes might come back to bite you.
  • Greediness can cost you your business, it could collapse. Malatji’s advice is that organisers should consider outsourcing, delegation and empowerment. Avoid wanting to do everything yourself in the name of saving money, you might end up losing a lot.

    “People want to do everything by themselves, there is a reason why other people do those things professionally, they do that so that your event can flow well. If you try to have all the power in your hands you might find that you can’t juggle all the balls and if you miss one ball you could end up dropping all of them,” he said.

    Know when to outsource or partner with other companies. Always put the brand before you because it is more important.


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